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Announcing Enfocus PitStop 13

What's New In PitStop 13:

Preflight restrictions PitStop Pro 13 will allow the checks and fixes included in a Preflight Profile to be limited to certain aspects of a PDF.

Automatic bleed generation It mirrors individual objects close to or cross the PDF box to create bleed. These objects are completely editable for manual adjustments. Bleed can be generated for multiple objects, or for complete pages and documents.

Customizable Preflight Messages In PitStop 13, messages can be customized to reflect non-technical language that can include suggestions for corrections if necessary. In addition, the preflight messages can be translated into languages that are currently not supported by PitStop.

PitStop Server enhancements You can now create and edit Action Lists directly in PitStop Server. PitStop Server CLI now has the ability to convert PDF files to JPEG and PNG images. A new PitStop configurator –PDF2Image– is installed with PitStop Server, allowing PitStop Server users with Enfocus Switch (Automation Solution) to create JPEG and PNG images from PDF files.

PitStop Pro 13 available with optional subscription licensing The option for subscription (monthly or yearly) licensing will be available when PitStop 13 is released in April 2015.

PitStop 13 grace period begins 2 February 2015 From 2 February 2015 onwards, users purchasing or upgrading to PitStop 12 will automatically be entitled to PitStop 13 free-of-charge when the new version is available

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